2014 Reading Bingo Challenge

Earlier this year I was really excited to start doing this. Then, because I became more and more busy with school, I began to forgot that I “signed up” for this challenge. With the creation of my book blog, I hope I could continue doing this and accomplish the bingo challenges.

By the way, I think I’ve already ticked off some of the updates here. I’ll post updates soon! 🙂

Pixie Stargirl

So at the beginning of the year (I think that was during the first week of 2014), I saw this shared post about a bingo reading challenge. It is from Randomhouse, and the idea is this (according to the website) is: “You can approach the Reading Bingo card however you like: beginners, start by getting one line; if you’re more advanced, try the whole outside box on the card; experts, fill in the whole card!”

To add spice to the challenge, I would also be doing their YA Bingo Reading Challenge. Yay! Not very much into YA because I pretty much have eclectic reading taste, but I do love reading some young adult books.

I’m actually planning of doing a bingo blackout (meaning all boxes would be filled) for this, but I’m still not sure. I’m aiming to read 45 books for my Goodreads reading challenge this year…

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