#30DayBookChallenge: Challenge Accepted!

I know it’s not the start of the month yet, but I would be doing this 30-day Book Challenge.


I’ve been actually wanting to do this meme for quite a time now, so I’m pretty excited to start this. I’m primarily hosting the book challenge at my Instagram account; but I would also be cross-posting my entries here in my book blog since it’s a book-related challenge, and also so that I could expound it a little bit more (I tend to write a lot even in my IG captions). It’s also a great way for me to post more in this blog, since I can’t write a lot of reviews lately.

When I scanned the challenge, there were some days that I think I would be posting multiple books for that particular entry simply because I have a lot of answers for the meme. Or maybe I might even repeat the books that I posted for different days (but I’d try not to). So anyway, I’m really excited for this. I hope I could justify this challenge haha!


What are your thoughts?

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