Beyond Book Pages is a book blog dedicated for raves and reviews about the things I read. I don’t intend to be a real serious, strict book blogger, so some of my posts may be objective or subjective, lengthy or short, and professional-looking or rant-like. We may or may not agree to the reviews written on this site, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading my book reviews.

I do accept blog features, book tours, sponsorship, giveaways, and other book-related stuff in this blog. For questions and inquiries, send me an email at ivybernadette@live.com or tweet me @BeyondBookPages.

About the Blog Owner


The Time MachineA daydreamer and a wanderlust, Chibivy (pronounced as Chi-bhay-vee) is a third year Bachelor of Secondary Education student major in English at Philippine Normal University. This devoted bibliophile and self-confessed word-lover is also a member of Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books—a book club that patronizes Pinoy books and Filipino authors. She is also a social media enthusiast who likes signing up in various online sites, and has been blogging in various blog platforms for half a decade. Chibivy aspires to become an awesome teacher and a published writer someday. Catch more of her at about.me/chibivy.


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