#30daybookchallenge Day 2: A book that you’ve read 3 times

For the Day 2 of the 30-day Book Challenge, the prompt is a book that you’ve read 3 times. And that book is Stargirl by Jerry Spenelli.

This is actually the first Spenelli book that I’ve read, making the author really close to my heart that i started collecting his works (which are mostly books I find in the children’s lit section of Booksales). I rated this with ★★★★ stars in Goodreads


I have already read Stargirl back in 2011 as an ebook. But when I spotted a really decent copy of the book at Booksale for only 70 pesos (and it almost looked new!), I decided to buy it and reread the book. When I first read it I hastily gave it a three-star rating, but now I realized that adding another star in my rating is more fitting for this wonderful book.

Self-named Stargirl exudes nonconformity amidst the sea of typicality at Mica High School. Students are practically the same and follow this unwritten convention on what comprises “normal”. But Stargirl is a free-spirited individual who doesn’t care about rules. She has a unique personality and childlike innocence that she didn’t even care when people are being rude to her when she was only showing them kindness.

The book was really an easy read which celebrates individuality. In order to be deemed as “cool”, we teenagers often try to fit in and blend with others. But really, why fit in when you could stand out? We always have our own differences, and it’s just a matter of embracing our individual eccentricities in order to discover our true selves.


Loser by Jerry Spenelli

LoserLoser by Jerry Spinelli

Format: Mass Market Paperback, 218 pages
ISBN13: 9780060540746 | Published 2002 by HarperCollins
Read from August 24 to September 03, 2013
My rating: ★★★☆☆

This was my third book by Jerry Spenelli, the first ones were Stargirl and Love Stargirl. I had immediately liked the writer in the first two books; his writing style was simple, yet astonishly magical. Jerry Spenelli writes for children and juveniles, actually–his target audience are those in middle grade–yet teenagers, young adults, and adults could totally enjoy reading his books.

So Loser is basically about Donald Zinkoff, which is an exceptional and special kid. Since he was young, Zinkoff has already been showing signs that he is unique. He is unlike any other kid. He enjoys going to school, with the kind of excitement to compel him to go early to school. He enjoys learning and discovering things. He likes involving himself in wide array of activities. Zinkoff is like a ball of energy, and there is no way that he could be stopped in his conquest to explore the world.

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