Starters by Lissa Price

Starters (Starters and Enders, #1)Starters by Lissa Price
Format: Trade Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN13: 9780307978103 | Published 2012 by Delacorte Press Read from February 7 to 11, 2013
owned, given to me
My rating: ★★★★★

I have seen Starters in the front shelves of National Bookstore early last year, freshly published. Immediately, I fell in love with the cover art. It was so entrancing! I wanted to buy it, but it was worth more than 500 pesos, and I don’t usually buy books in that price bracket. So when our company Christmas Party drew near, I wrote Starters in my wishlist. And imagine my delight when the one who got my name—dressed as Bane of Batman in our masquerade-themed Christmas party—handed me a book. A book! And it was Starters by Lissa Price, along with its lovely cover art—the whitish picture of a girl with intriguing expression, her other eye colored blue in contrast with the immaculate whiteness.

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The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

The Time MachineThe Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Format: e-book (epub file)
Read from February 24, 2014 to February 28, 2014
My rating: ★★★★

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella written by H. G. Wells, which was published in 1895. The author was also the one who coined the term “time machine” through this novella, and it has long since universally used to refer to such vehicle that is capable of travelling through time. With its steady presence in bookstores as well as various film adaptations and several derivative works, The Time Machine is definitely considered as a timeless literary classic that has spanned more than a decade.

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